5 Mobile Social Commerce Apps to COVID-Proof Your Online Business

In today’s digital age, and with the threat of COVID still present…

…it’s important to meet your customers where they are.

On social media and conversational platforms. 

What’s more — 96.5% of Filipinos are accessing the internet using their mobile devices. 

With these two factors together, it’s no surprise that the mobile social commerce trend is now gaining popularity.

So what is mobile social commerce?

Simply put this refers to promoting and selling products or services directly inside social networking sites, using mobile devices.

Mobile Commerce + Social Commerce = Mobile Social Commerce

Now you might be wondering…

“How could mobile social commerce help in COVID-proofing my business?”

Let’s find out! 

1. Live Stream Selling on Shopee

By making the buying experience more immersive, personalized, and social in their eCommerce platform…

…Shopee has made it to our list as a mobile social commerce app. 

This mobile-first app is the most downloaded shopping app in the country. 

Their focus to create a mobile-friendly platform and improve in-app engagement features are important factors to Shopee’s success.

One of these engaging features is the Shopee LIVE

…which allows sellers to broadcast live streams of their shop and products to customers. 

How Could Shopee Help COVID-Proof Your Online Business?

Shoppers today are looking for a more relevant and enjoyable online shopping experience.

With Shopee LIVE, you could:

  • up your game and put your personal touch on how to present your products
  • interact with your customers and answer their questions in real time
  • give recommendations, upsell, and cross-sell in a more engaging and fun way

All these boils down to using this platform and feature to understand your customers’ needs and wants…

…so you could create a better online shopping experience for your customers — driving more sales and increased customer retention.

2. Reselling on Resellee

Resellee is a unique mobile social commerce platform that gives their users the opportunity to become resellers, with zero capital!

By working directly with suppliers, including manufacturers and farmers, Resellee is able to take care of the supply chain…

…while resellers choose the products they want to add to their stores, without needing to buy them beforehand. 

The bulk of a reseller’s work is in sharing their store link to different social media channels and encouraging their network to buy from their stores.  

How Could Resellee Help COVID-Proof Your Online Business?

Resellee currently focuses on offering groceries and prepaid credits for mobile services and online games. 

Because these are considered essential items that people would buy…

…choosing to resell these products could help your online business stay afloat even in the midst of a pandemic.

If you have your own business and products to sell — you can apply to be one of Resellee’s merchants.

This means that you will have access to their more than 40,000 resellers who could potentially help you resell your products.

Using this mobile app becomes a truly social game… 

…by choosing the right supplier and product (or ensuring that your business is trusted by resellers)…

….and building trust as you engage potential buyers and resellers to buy from you.  

FYI: As of writing this article, Resellee made an announcement that their mobile app will be unpublished due to ongoing upgrade and migration.

3. Social Selling on Facebook

With Facebook Shop and its ability to be integrated with a business’ eCommerce platform (such as Prosperna)…

…businesses and brands can easily sell on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

This mobile social commerce app allows for a frictionless, end-to-end purchasing journey.

When users discover your business, through paid ads or organic reach…

…they can easily check your business page and shop to browse your products…

…they can read feedback and reviews from other consumers… 

…and directly connect with you if they have any inquiries.

After purchasing, they can easily share their experience with your product and service by writing a post on their timeline or leaving a review on your page!

How Could Facebook Help COVID-Proof Your Online Business?

Facebook remains to be one of the most-used social media platforms in the Philippines.

What’s more, 84% of Filipinos who engage in eCommerce via social or messaging platforms do so on Facebook. 

You can integrate your Facebook Shop with 3rd party softwares to process payments and automatically book shipping…

…allowing you to promote, sell, and fulfill orders directly inside Facebook.

That said, transactions become trust-based and prone to security concerns. 

Your opportunity here is to build trust by being consistent with giving valuable information, providing personalized customer service, and ensuring secured transactions via your trusted ecosystem.

When done right — with the right technology and trusted service providers — you’ll be making your customers’ lives easier with a seamless online buying experience, without them ever leaving the app. 

4. Community Selling on Viber

Viber has reported a 208% increase in Community messages as brands and businesses created Viber Communities to connect with their customers during the pandemic.

Viber Community provides a chat space for up to 1 billion users, so they can exchange messages and engage with one another. 

Because these communities are centered around common interests…

…there is a greater possibility that people in a specific community would be interested in what you’re selling. 

Aside from joining already established communities, you can also create your own so you are more in control of how you can nurture your community and market your products. 

How Could Viber Help COVID-Proof Your Online Business?

Still faced with the threat of COVID, more and more people are turning to online shopping and buying from within their communities. 

Viber users have shared that they preferred this mobile social commerce platform (over Facebook)…

…to avoid trolls, spammy messages, and unnecessary noise.

The bottom line is to tailor fit your messages based on the community you’re a part of.

Be intentional with what and how you send your business communications

It’s all about building trust by being involved in your community.

5. Using a Centralized Mobile Social Commerce App: myChat

To be successful in COVID-proofing your business, you need to use different channels to market and sell your products. 

One of the challenges in having an online presence on more than one mobile social commerce platform is how to effectively manage all communications coming from these platforms. 

How Could myChat Help COVID-Proof Your Online Business?

This is where myChat comes in…

Prosperna specifically created this mobile social commerce solution to help Philippine MSMEs:

  • Funnel messages from Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp, and Viber coming soon) into 1 inbox.
  • Have a mini online store where you can upload your products, so you can easily share and sell wherever you have an online presence.
  • Offer multiple online and offline payment options with affordable payment gateway fees.
  • Offer same-day, scheduled, or standard delivery by automatically booking shipping.

It’s all about making online selling incredibly easy, convenient, and affordable!


To COVID-proof your online business, you need to focus on: 

  • giving your customers the best buying experience they could have online
  • nurturing leads and building relationships
  • gaining trust and being involved in the community

Use mobile social commerce apps as tools to enhance your customer-first way of doing business.

To get more insights about how you could use mobile social commerce on your business, check out this episode of our Digital Happy Hour series.

Here at Prosperna, we are on a mission to empower 100,000 Philippine MSMEs with affordable and easy-to-use eCommerce software. 

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Dennis Velasco

Dennis Velasco

Dennis Velasco is the CEO and Founder of Prosperna, an all-in-one eCommerce platform for Philippine businesses. As a technology evangelist at heart, Dennis is super passionate about helping MSMEs "level the playing field" with technology. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dennis Velasco

Dennis Velasco is the CEO and Founder of Prosperna, an all-in-one eCommerce platform for Philippine businesses. As a technology evangelist at heart, Dennis is super passionate about helping MSMEs "level the playing field" with technology. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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