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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes working at Prosperna awesome?


Prosperna Marketing Site | Application

  • Planning – prioritize positions that need to be filled
  • Sourcing – scheduling announcements on social media
  • Screening – filtering candidates based on urgency and compliance
  • Interview – getting to know each other
  • Offer – negotiation for the best proposal
  • Onboarding – get started with paid training

Ideally, the recruitment process should be completed within 1-3 months. During this time, you also play a role by making sure you follow all the application requirements and be responsive during the correspondence to make the journey more efficient.

There are multiple ways to send in your application, the safest would be on our website.

We’re also active on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Facebook (even Jora!) – but if you want to be old school about it, you can just email us your cover letter and resume/CV here:

Prosperna embraces diversity and does not discriminate based on background.


We accept applications regardless of whether you’re a fresh graduate, an experienced professional, or even a career shifter.


Occasionally, we offer paid internship opportunities for the roles we have available, depending on your school requirements. If you do well, we can even absorb you into the company full-time!


However, depending on the positions that require urgent filling, we may prioritize fitting applicants for those roles first.

If you apply using our application form, the ‘thank you page’ upon completion indicates that we have received your submission.


Due to the volume of applications we receive, we may only send a direct reply to those who meet the role requirements.

Apart from the minimum skillset required to fill the role, we assess applicants based on their individual personalities and ability to produce the expected output during the recruitment process. Here are the items and events where we screen applicants:
  • Cover Letter & Resume/CV
  • Self-Introduction Video
  • This is just to get to know your personality and communication skills. It doesn’t have to be fancy – just be yourself.
  • Face-to-face Virtual Meeting
  • Task/Technical Assignment Assessment

For both of our convenience, interviews take place online using video conferencing.

After setting a date and time, we usually provide a link to a

Google Meet or Zoom Meeting.

With that in mind, please treat the interview as a business setting by:

  • Making sure you have a decent internet connection
  • Staying in a well-lit room (you may be asked to switch on your camera)
  • Avoiding areas with distractions and background noise
  • If possible, use noise-canceling headphones

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other – so to make the most out of our allotted time, we suggest you do the following:

  • Review the job posting
  • Read up about us on our website and other channels
  • Think about how to answer typical job interview questions
  • But don’t forget to ask us about what you want to know about us
  • Relax and smile! Interviews shouldn’t be stressful and pressuring

Yes, you may, but make sure to let our recruiters know to avoid doing double work in processing your application.

Not right away, but if a position becomes available, you are welcome to do so. As much as we don’t enjoy rejecting applicants, we want to make sure that we hire the right people for the right position at the right time. Please bear in mind that unless you have the expected soft skills or role-specific experience, it is likely that you won’t progress further.


Yes, we are – as a performance-based company, Prosperna calculates a budget for the position, compensates based on the market value of your role and the value the role brings to the company. 

After regularization, you enjoy perks and benefits such as unlimited paid leaves, healthcare coverage, and financial assistance. Employees are also eligible for bonuses, annual increases, and promotions – with that said, we always factor in your level, years of experience, and career achievements when giving the offer.

After contract signing, we will process your onboarding program to get you familiarized with how we work at Prosperna. Depending on your role, you will also have a separate introductory meeting and training.

What’s special about Prosperna is that every new hire comes with an Onboarding Buddy. 

Think of them as an all-in-one receptionist, tour guide, and new work friend.

They have the answers to most inquiries, if not, they can refer you to the right person.

And don’t worry, even after onboarding, you may still approach them for anything.

Prospernauts (that’s what we call members of Team Prosperna) can work remotely from anywhere in the world, with flexible hours, as long as they meet the minimum technical requirements:

  • 25mbps Internet Connection
  • You’ll be required to show proof of billing and show speed test
  • VPN Connection when using public networks
  • Company-issued Devices
  • Quad-core 3.2ghz Processor
  • At least 8GB of RAM
  • Anti-Virus Software for Security
  • Presentable background and decent web camera for customer-facing roles
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • It’s important to be active and reachable, especially during core hours


Full-time Prospernauts mostly work-from-home, although we have a super cool office in Filinvest City, Alabang, if you want to use it at any time.