Prosperna Marketing Site | Omnirio

Omnirio Integration


Simple Omnichannel eCommerce Software
to Manage Your Business Online and Offline

Connect your inventory to all your channels. From your retail stores to warehouses,
seamlessly manage orders with multi-location pick-up and delivery.

Seamless Operations

You can now easily manage your business across all your online and offline channels with Omnirio.


With their Smart Order and Inventory Management, orders are assigned to the right location and inventories are updated in real-time.

Prosperna Marketing Site|Omnirio
Prosperna Marketing Site|Omnirio

Better Customer Experience

Provide quick delivery times and delight customers with your own loyalty and rewards program.


You can also create your customer database so you can easily set up automated and personalized messages to keep them engaged and connected with your brand.

Get Your Business Connected

Prosperna clients enjoy the power of omnichannel retail solutions
of our eCommerce partner, Omnirio.


Prosperna Marketing Site|Omnirio

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Prosperna Marketing Site|Omnirio

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Prosperna Marketing Site|Omnirio

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We’ve built an online store that’s so easy so that you can start selling your products and services in less time.
Nearly half of our customers liked our simple yet powerful approach so much, they switched from other more complicated online store builders to us. What about the other half? Well, they didn’t realize how easy Prosperna was until they tried it.

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