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Take Your Food & Beverage Business to New Heights

Maximize profits, improve top-line sales, and streamline operations with easy-to-use back-office cloud software for your restaurant or cafe.

Data-Driven Tools

Mosaic Solutions offers simple and functional management tools to help your business thrive.
Back your business decisions with hard data — eliminating human error and guesswork to optimize your profit potential.
Prosperna Marketing Site|Mosaic
Prosperna Marketing Site|Mosaic

Restaurant Must-Haves

Manage your front- and back-of-the-house operations efficiently with Mosaic Solutions’ comprehensive restaurant solutions:
  • Data Analytics
  • Purchasing System
  • Inventory Management
  • Point-of-Sale System
Prosperna Marketing Site|Mosaic

Add This Key Ingredient
For Your Business' Success

Prosperna clients enjoy the cost-effective data-driven tools
of our eCommerce partner, Mosaic Solutions.


Prosperna Marketing Site|Mosaic

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Prosperna Marketing Site|Mosaic

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Prosperna Marketing Site|Mosaic

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Nearly half of our customers liked our simple yet powerful approach so much, they switched from other more complicated online store builders to us. What about the other half? Well, they didn’t realize how easy Prosperna was until they tried it.

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