Outsourced SDR Services

End-to-end Sales Development Rep Marketing, Account Based Appointment Setting & Technology specifically for B2B technology companies.

B2B Lead Generation Services

Get the people, process, data and technology needed to generate qualified leads
and set appointments.


"I wish I would have found Prosperna 3 months ago."

CEO, Reternx

The Prosperna Advantage

Achieve scale, velocity and consistency.

Highly Specialized

We focus on helping B2B technology companies. By specializing, we can deliver repeatable and engaging experiences to represent
your brand.

12+ Years Experience

Each member of our leadership team has 12+ yrs of average sales & marketing experience from some of the fastest growing tech companies from Silicon Valley to Singapore.

Dedicated Teams

You'll get a focused and assigned SDR team as an "extension of your business". With a 100% dedicated team assigned to you, the chances
of your success will increase 3x.

Performance Driven Culture

Research from HR Today shows that a good culture impacts norms, values and productivity. We heavily invest in creating a great work
culture to get you the best results.

Proven Technology

Harvard Business Review cites that companies who use technology have a 4x higher success rate. Our specialized sales & marketing tools
help you grow and scale.

Strategic Locations

Our hand-selected locations in Latin America and Southeast Asia provide you with access to the best talent and operations to support your growth across global time zones.

60% Savings

The average cost of in-house SDRs is 60% more than outsourcing.

35% Lower CAC

Customers using Prosperna experience a lower cost-of-acquisition by up to 35%.

3x Faster

The average ramp of in-house
SDRs is 3 months vs 3 weeks.

5x Conversions

Prosperna sourced leads are
5x more likely to convert to
qualified opportunities.

The Complete SDR Solution

Everything you need to grow and scale your own outsourced SDR Team.

SDR Playbooks

From value proposition canvases, to call scripts and objection handling documentation.

Content Marketing

SDR marketing materials like blogs, eBooks and 2 minute videos.

Email Marketing

Multi-touch email template creation, execution and monitoring.

Paid Ads

Targeted campaign setup, monitoring, reporting
and ad spend.

Social Media

Multi-touch outreach campaigns designed to increase reach and engagement.

List Building

Profile enrichment and email verification to improve
connect ratios.

SMS Marketing

Multi-touch SMS template creation, execution and monitoring.

CRM Platform

Track sales interactions, monitor performance and increase sales productivity & effectiveness.

Join 400+ companies relying on Prosperna

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