Mr Speedy Integration

FAST is the MrSpeedy Guarantee

Get reliable shipping with the standard of same-day delivery and affordable rates.

Fulfill Orders with
Door-to-Door Delivery

With Prosperna’s 1-click direct integration with MrSpeedy delivery service, you can start delivering in selected areas with MrSpeedy’s same-day delivery.

This integration is perfect if you’re delivering within Metro Manila and nearby areas outside the metro.

Here are MrSpeedy’s current serviceable areas:

Stay Competitive with
Rates that Fit Your Needs

Prosperna partnered up with MrSpeedy, a fellow local service provider, to offer affordable rates specifically quoted for the Philippine MSMEs.

MrSpeedy generates its own shipping fees and they even have perks for businesses like yours. Be sure to check out their website to learn more.

Aside from MrSpeedy shipping fee, no need to worry about extra costs!

We won’t charge you additional fees for this integration.

Streamline Shipping &
Enjoy Seamless Delivery

Prosperna clients enjoy the convenience of 1-click direct integration
with the local shipping provider, MrSpeedy.


Create your MrSpeedy account

Sync MrSpeedy and Prosperna

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