Are you awesome, or what?

“Awesome” = a star performer who’s passionate about making a

difference, and helping others go beyond their full potential.

Backend Developer (Laravel)

Does a career with a cool, fast-paced tech startup with a work-from-home Silicon Valley-style culture get you pumped up?

Are you looking for a tech company where you can see and witness how the products you build can make an impact?

If the answer is a resounding “YES!” then, you might have what it takes to join the Prosperna Team!

Who is Prosperna?

At Prosperna, our mission “today” is to empower 100,000 Philippine MSMEs with simple and affordable eCommerce software-as-a-service.

Our team is led by Dennis Velasco, CEO/Founder of Prosperna. Dennis is a Fil-am who spent 12 years in Silicon Valley to help build divisions for some of the fastest growing software companies like, Xero and Cornerstone Ondemand, where he built their national and global Small Business Division and was part of their Initial Public Offering (IPO).

He recently moved to the Philippines to bring Silicon Valley-level technology to help our country and today, Prosperna is one of the fastest growing startups in Southeast Asia.

What are we looking for?

We build awesome eCommerce software for Philippine MSMEs and we’re looking for awesome software engineers.

The right person for us is not just someone who can code but someone who can create beautiful technology experiences for customers.

In addition, we’re looking for someone who:

  1. Can adapt and evolve to a fast paced product development environment.
  2. Has relentless pursuit to learn new tools, technologies and methods. 
  3. Share our purpose-driven DNA to empower MSMEs. 

What would you be doing?

  1. Using Laravel for design and creation of web apps and services
  2. Discussing the aims of the project with our team of developers
  3. Debugging and troubleshooting issues
  4. Sharing ideas and working on completing projects with the front-end and back-end teams
  5. Working towards the smooth, effortless running of integrations
  6. Implementing client feedback to scale projects
  7. Ensuring web apps are properly maintained
  8. Implementing relevant security measures according to the required standard
  9. Building PHP modules that are efficient
  10. Writing modular codes that are secure
  11. Write Unit Testing PHP modules
  12. Contributing to database maintenance
  13. Contributing to database design
  14. Work with OctoberCMS

Related work experience & skills:

  1. Has experience in working with OctoberCMS
  2. 2 to 3 yrs work experience with Laravel
  3. Knowledge of API creation
  4. Knowledge of agile methodologies
  5. Knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript
  6. Has experience in writing unit testing
  7. Excellent debugging skills

10 Reasons to Join Us

  1. Customer Success – our purpose is to empower MSMEs.
  2. The Challenger – we want to build a #betterPhilippines and we’re willing to go against the status quo for the greater good.
  3. Transparency – great communication keeps everyone on the same page and aligned towards the same goal.
  4. Keep’n’ it Real – be free to be yourself. Everyone’s idea matters. This is how we find our best self.
  5. Make the Rocket Ship Go Faster – We desire to find ways to be more efficient and deliver better quality and a better customer experience.
  6. Passion for Learning – Everyone’s empowered to find, seek and take their personal development into their own hands with the company’s support.
  7. The Extra Mile – When everyone takes one extra step, we inspire others around us and multiply success instantly.
  8. Measurable Value – Whatever we do, it’s important to align to delivering measurable customer value.
  9. Global Minded – We have a global culture. Work from anywhere, at any time with an amazing team led by a Silicon Valley experienced founder.
  10. Venture Backed – With some help from the leading venture capitaln investors like Foxmont Capital, DayOne Capital, Ideaspace and Johnsen Global, we have the fuel to “just do it”!

Want to learn more?

Check us out at:

How to apply?

Send us an email with the title, “Laravel Developer Rockstar” and tell us about what inspired you to reach out to us: